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Festive Fear: Global Edition, Tasmaniac Publications, 2010 – SOLD OUT


First Time Dead Vol. 2, May December Publications, 2011   BUY

“The Chocolate Shop Girl”

Ransom: Give Me What I Want and I’ll Go Away (Maybe), Wicked East Press, 2011   BUY

“The Girl at the Bus Stop”

Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction, Pill Hill Press, 2011   BUY

“Looking at the Sun Through the Palm of His Hand”

Daily Frights 2012: 366 Days of Dark Flash Fiction, Pill Hill Press, 2011   BUY

“Friday Night at the Cha-Cha Grill”

Zombie, the Other Fright Meat, NorGus Press, 2012   BUY


100 Doors To Madness, Forgotten Tomb Press, 2013   BUY

“Wigan Gothic”

Twelve, Horrified Press, 2013   BUY

“So Hard, So Deep”

Horror In A Hundred,, 2014   FREE READ

“Player Two”

Horror In A Hundred,, 2014   FREE READ

“The Corner”

Horror In A Hundred,, 2014   FREE READ

“By the Light of A Drowning Sun”

Terror at the Beach, Noodle Doodle Publications, 2014   BUY

“Tornado Girl”

22 More Quick Shivers, The Daily Nightmare, 2014   BUY

“The Feast of Days”

Horror: Told In 100 Words contest, Horror Novel Reviews, 2014   FREE READ


The Sirens Call #18: Scriptum in Morte, Sirens Call Publications, 2015   FREE DOWNLOAD

“Submission Accepted”

Horror In A Hundred,, 2015   FREE READ

“Big Beats”

Rejected For Content 2:  Aberrant Menagerie, J. Ellington Ashton Press, 2015   BUY

“Happy at the End”

Selfies From the End of the World, Mad Scientist Journal, 2015  BUY

“Ivy’s First Kiss”

Horror: Odd & Bizarre, Sirens Call Publications, 2015   BUY

“I Know You”

100 Lightnings, Paroxysm Press, 2016   BUY

“Pianissimo Possibile”

Haunted by the Past, Tacitus Publishing, 2016   BUY

“The Heart of the Mission”

The Refuge Collection e-book single, 2016   BUY

The Refuge Collection Volume 4 e-book, 2016   BUY

ACX audio book, forthcoming

The Refuge Collection: Hell to Others, OzHorrorCon, 2017  BUY

“The Shadows in Regina Court”

The Sirens Call #27: Horror-ific, Sirens Call Publications, 2016   FREE DOWNLOAD

“What I Did on the Weekend by Taylor Cassidy, Class 2A”

Robbed of Sleep Vol. 5, Robbed of Sleep, 2016   BUY

“Maggots in the Eye of Love”

American Nightmares (Hybrid Moments:  A Literary Tribute to the Misfits bonus zine), Weirdpunk Books, 2016

“My No-Tell Motel Hell”

I Can Taste the Blood flash competition, Grey Matter Press, 2016   FREE READ (scroll through comments)

“Christmas Presence”

Hell’s Bells:  Stories of Festive Fear by Members of the Australian Horror Writers Association, AHWA, 2016   BUY


Trembling with Fear, Horror, 2017  FREE READ

“His Favourite Phantom”

Depraved Desires, HellBound Books Publishing, 2017  BUY

“The Deep Beneath”

Between the Tracks:  Tales from the Ghost Train, OzHorrorCon, 2017  BUY


Trickster’s Treats #1, Things in the Well, 2017  BUY

“Catching Flies”

Trickster’s Treats #1, Things in the Well, 2017

“An Endless Echo in Every Empty Space”

Below the Stairs:  Tales from the Cellar, OzHorrorCon/Things in the Well, 2017  BUY

“Of Coldest Coal”

Shades of Santa:  Tales from the Bloody North Pole, Things in the Well, 2017  BUY

“This Impossible Gift”

Midnight Echo #12, Australasian Horror Writers Association, 2017  BUY

“The Only Tale”

Semi-Colonic Irrigation, forthcoming

“To Pluck a Silken String”

Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Don’t Be Horror-ble, forthcoming… maybe

“The Girl Who Killed Gods”

Mad Scientist Journal, forthcoming

“The Bloody Rag”

Behind the Mask:  Tales from the Id, OzHorrorCon/Things in the Well, forthcoming



“Live Celebrity Autopsy!”

Horror Novel Reviews Presents Passages of Pain, Lyrics of Loss, Horror Novel Reviews, 2014   BUY


Quick Shivers About Bugs, The Daily Nightmare, 2016   BUY


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