Black Armbands

My story “Maggots in the Eye of Love” was submitted to Hybrid Moments, a Misfits-themed anthology from Weirdpunk Books; it didn’t make it into that tome, but it has been printed in a bonus zine that went out with copies of the book for Kickstarter backers.  I don’t know if you’ll be able to get a copy of the zine with the book now, but you can get Hybrid Moments here.

I’ve been submitting A Banquet of Broken Hearts to more name publishers – fingers crossed!

Grey Matter Press is running a contest for flash fiction to add to the electronic version of their recent collection I Can Taste the Blood, and I threw my hat into the ring with a piece called “My No-Tell Motel Hell” – I think it came off pretty well for something I wrote in half an hour!  You can vote for the story by going here and scrolling through the comments until you find it, then leaving a reply to my post.  Public voting ends at midnight on 26/10 American CST, and after that, it’s on to the next phase – let’s see how that goes!

In icecocoon news, we played a warm-up show at Enigma Bar at the end of September, and then supported Queensryche on October 13.  The show went pretty well, all things considered – life has been full of ups and (mainly) downs for band members recently, but worst of all, our guitarist Brad lost his girlfriend Emma less than a week before the gig.  She was extremely supportive and had been looking forward to his first international support slot, and we dedicated our set to her.  Frankly, we’re still reeling from the news, and can only imagine the hell our friend is going through.  If anything good can come of this tragedy, it’s through the foundation that Brad has set up in her memory, and I would encourage you find out more about that here.

In other horrible news, my friend Kylie succumbed to cancer the same weekend we lost Emma.  I’ve known her for around sixteen years, and I’ve been good mates with her husband Daryll even longer, and again… words fail me, you know?  How can I even begin to understand that pain?  It’s a small consolation, but as with Emma, there may be some good to come of this for others in the same position – Kylie had recently been very visible as the face of the Go Gentle euthanasia bill here in Australia, and if you wish to support this campaign, you can do so here.

So yeah, it’s been a fucking harsh month.  Let’s move forward with the memory of our lost ones burning bright in our hearts.  They’ve shown us incredible strength in the face of adversity, and the least we can do is learn from their example.  Be well, people, and the very best to you all.


Live and looming through the smoke @ Enigma Bar, 30.9.16.  Photo by Red Wallflower Photography.  Thanks, babe. x

Live and looming through the smoke @ Enigma Bar, 30.9.16. Photo by Red Wallflower Photography. Thanks, babe. x


2 thoughts on “Black Armbands

  1. Sorry to hear about the shitty month you had. Yeah, cancer’s a horrible disease – it took the life of my father nearly six years ago now, and it seems nearly everyone on my mother’s side of the family ends up dying of it too (yay). It even took the life of a pet cat my family had, which devastated me in its own way. Really, though, death as a whole just pisses me off a lot of the time. Being something of a bibliophile (as I gather you are yourself), I’ve found that there are very few books I’ll look at and think, “There is no way I want to read this!” One of the books to earn this dubious honour that I saw recently was entitled “You Are Going to Die” (or something like that), and was described in the blurb on the back as offering a “joyful” look at death. Blech. Even more nauseating, there was some fawning review which claimed the book was “essential reading for anyone planning to die” which made me think, “Aw how cute! They make it sound like something we actually have a choice about!” (I then found myself envisaging some suitably ludicrous scenario in which someone says to one of their workmates, “I’m thinking I might die this weekend”, to which their colleague replies, “Ooh, that sounds like fun! Can I join you?”) Nah, seriously, though, fuck death, and fuck those who try to make it out to be something “joyful” or “wonderful” or some bollocks like that – there’s seldom anything “joyful” about it in my experience. Ahem, yes. Rant over.


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