Haunted by Lightning…

A couple of new anthologies featuring my work are now available!

First of all, Paroxysm Press has finally released its collection of 100 flash pieces entitled 100 LIGHTNINGS, which you can get here amongst other places.  This publication has had a long and drawn-out history, which can be gathered from the fact that my story, “I Know You”, was my first ever submitted story to be accepted by a publisher – was, in fact, my first professional submission*.  In the six years it’s taken this book to surface, I’ve had many more tales picked up, as my Bibliography will attest.  Anyways, it’s out now, it also features great Australian talent such as Kaaron Warren, Angela Slatter, Martin Livings and Sean Williams, and there’s apparently going to be a launch for it on April Fool’s Day, for which I will be giving a reading!


Next is HAUNTED BY THE PAST from Tacitus Publishing, featuring my story “Pianissimo Possibile”.  This collection is on a 19c Gothic/M.R. James kick, and my writing in this tale is appropriately florid to suit!  You can grab a copy here.


I’ve now finished and submitted my story for the Refuge Collection, and it’s called “The Heart Of The Mission”.  There will be a standalone e-book release for it sometime soon, and then it will be included in Volume 5 or 6 of the Refuge tales e-books, and eventually there will be physical editions of 1-3, 4-6, and the whole shebang.  I’m quite happy with the way this story turned out – instead of skewing dark, as I usually do, the tone is lighter and there’s an inspiring positivity to the weirdness.

In other creative news, I’ve been receiving Owen’s new icecocoon songs and putting down basslines for them – a little daunted by the fact that he’s booked a studio to track the whole album in seven weeks’ time, and I’ve still yet to hear half the songs!  I think the pressure will produce a diamond, to be fair, but geez…

And I’m annoyed that not only did I not make it to see the Wu-Tang Clan while they were in Australia (though if they’d come to Adelaide…!), but I also failed to come up with a decent story for an upcoming anthology inspired by them.  I started writing something, but the 3,000 word cap really stifled my ideas.  Oh, well.

That’ll be all for now.  Be well, folks.



*I should point out that I won an all-ages short story competition at the age of 13 and had my story “Time And The Bible” – a SF tale that posited Adam, Eve and the Serpent as aliens – published in my local newspaper, The Recorder.  I also submitted two stories to Playboy and Penthouse at the age of 17, but man… they were woeful, and rightfully rejected.


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