[insert something profound about the passing of time here]

Welcome to 2016!

So, biggest writing news at the moment is this:  on New Year’s Eve, I finished the first draft of my latest novel manuscript.  It runs to 82,000 words, and it has the rather neat (I think) title of Midnight In The Chapel Of Love.  I’ll get into the next draft soon, but I also have some short stories to write, and then I’m keen to get stuck into the next novel!  All this while I’m still waiting to hear back about A Banquet Of Broken Hearts.

It’s looking like Paroxysm Press will soon be releasing their long-awaited 100 Lightnings anthology, featuring my story “I Know You”.  It’s been a rather protracted process – this was actually my first short story acceptance!  I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve put together.

There will be a new icecocoon album out early(ish) this year, by the name of How Long Is Forever…?  I joked in an interview with dB Magazine that the title is a reference to the amount of time it takes to record and release an icecocoon album, but this has also been a drawn-out project – I tracked my bass parts years ago.  It’s a really cool record, though, and this year will see us stepping things up a few notches.  Here’s myself and frontman Owen Gillett having a wheeze during a recent acoustic recording session at the Bomb Shelter.

MRD (x)



Photo by Emma Woolcock, who’s also a whiz on the violin.


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