Your faithful reporter spent this past weekend attending a Pitch Conference at the SA Writers Centre, where 44 of us hopefuls worked on honing our novel pitches to a sharp point.  We then each pitched our manuscripts to three of five representatives from major Australian publishers:  Penguin, Random House, Hachette, Simon & Shuster and Pan Macmillan.

Even though I was the only horror writer in attendance, and even though horror doesn’t seem to be getting much of a shake in the Australian mainstream of late, the results were encouraging:  one of the Big 5 publishers expressed interest in seeing my work.

To put this triumph in perspective, 64% of the attendees were tapped to provide publishers with their writing, and if the past is any indication, about 1% will see publication as a result.  (That comes to .44 of a person, so some rounding out may be needed.)  Nevertheless, this is a shortcut past the slush pile, and any negativity you might be sensing is just me keeping my expectations reigned in so as to avoid disappointment.

It’s still pretty cool, though.

More news as it crosses my desk.  In the meantime, thanks to all @ the SAWC and everyone who (ahem) pitched in to make this weekend happen, especially Tim Tomlinson and my fellow writers for offering support, advice, laughter and general camaraderie.

Courtesy of Red Wallflower Photography.

Courtesy of Red Wallflower Photography.


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