Yay! Aaargh! Yay!


My poem “Imago” will be featured in an upcoming anthology from the folks at The Daily Nightmare.


I recently managed to drop my laptop and destroy a USB stick containing seven weeks of un-backed-up work.  The biggest casualty was the first draft of a new novel in progress, all 18,904 words of it.  Lesson learned…


Luckily, it remained fresh in my mind and I’ve now rewritten what I lost – it’s eerily similar on a word-to-word basis, but much better.  I’m now 30,000 words deep.  This manuscript shall be known as MITCOL for the time being, to preserve an illusion of mystery and suspense.  Ahem.

As a bonus, here’s a snap from a recent Priority Orange photo shoot with Red Wallflower Photography, with thanks to Meg.


Keep on truckin’!  Or whatever it is that you do.


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