Big Beats, baby!

Available now is Rejected For Content 2: Aberrant Menagerie, featuring my story “Big Beats”.  You can order the paperback or the Kindle version here.  This one’s for strong stomachs only… I have a feeling my story will seem tame by comparison!

I’m now a member of the Australian Horror Writers Association, and will have a page up there once certain bugs have been ironed out.

I’ve submitted some more new fiction recently, and there’s still a few anthologies out there in various states of completion that will feature my work, but that’s about all the news I have on this front for the moment.  In music news, my band icecocoon has released a live album of its Promethean show last year, which is rather gratifying in a bucket-list kind of way!  The album is available here, but if you’re just curious, a couple of new live clips from that very show have gone up, edited by yours truly.  You can watch “Fire To Ice” here, or “And Where Now?” here.



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