Read “Submission Accepted” for free!


You can now check out “Submission Accepted” online at Hellnotes – all you have to do is click here.

In other writing news, I’ve been sending out PDFs of my latest novel manuscript to friends and readers for some feedback before I start pimping it around the block.  As far as actual new writing goes, it’s been quiet – I’ve been trying to clear the decks of various projects (editing live videos for icecocoon, recording bass tracks for Priority Orange) so that I can focus intently on two new long-form stories I’ve been plotting out.

The first is a novella I came up with for a Samhain Publishing open call last year that’s outgrown its initial remit and might now end up as a short novel – a haunting homecoming narrative set in a small town that’s in some ways comparable to Picnic At Hanging Rock and Beautiful Kate rather than outright horror; the second is a bigger, deeper, very urban novel that goes to some dark and ugly places in a luridly brutal fashion.  I’m hoping to immerse myself in the first and get it done this month, before starting on the second almost immediately afterward.  Complicating matters is the fact that I’ll be moving house next month, right in the middle of my job’s busiest period, whilst also recommencing rehearsals with the two aforementioned bands…

I’ve also agreed to work on some scripts for my friend Jon.  I’ll be contributing dialogue to a revenge story entitled Day Of The Schoolgirl and also penning a screenplay about sex, murder and digital hardware.  All the things!  Fun!

A few icecocoon videos have begun filtering online in advance of a live release with the functional title of Live At The Promethean.  I’ll link them properly when the new ones are up – they’ll be on the icecocoon YouTube channel.  In the meantime, here’s a fetching pic of my legs in action during the show in question.


Other stuff:  attended a workshop at the SA Writers Centre run by Louise Pascale.  Read Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman, Occultation by Laird Barron and other assorted things.  Listened to a lot of Bjork and Meshuggah.  Didn’t die.

Back soon…



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