All Is Quiet On New Year’s Day

Happy New Year!

May 2015 see you flying higher than ever before.  Oh, and me, too.

Any day now, my short story “Misericordia” will be published in the latest issue of The Sirens Call, a bi-monthly e-zine from Sirens Call Publications.  I’ll put up a direct link when it hits the bricks, but for now, you can download all past issues for FREE here.  And I didn’t win the Horror Novel Reviews 100 Words contest, but I can say that, in the Destruction category, my story ran a comfortable second place.  So there’s that.

So, what’s been happening? Well, I played my first icecocoon show in seven years, and I’m currently editing together the first live video from that – link to follow in the next few days.  I also played another gig with Priority Orange as temp bassist, and – believe it or not! – I finally finished the soundtrack for The Exchange Student 2 – here’s a brief teaser.  I’ve also started working on some new music for my own bands, both of which are currently languishing in limbo…

Writing-wise, I’ve taken a little time off to focus on other endeavours and, since it’s the holidays and I have time off, to be self-indulgent and lazy.  But I hit some new highs in 2014:  I doubled my previous submissions record, and I had as many acceptances this year as I had in the previous four years combined!  Not bad.  But next year must be better… and I’ve some ideas to kick things up a notch.  Stay tuned.

I’ve basically finished the fourth draft of A Banquet Of Broken Hearts.  I just need to speak to someone at the Royal Adelaide Hospital for research purposes, change a couple of minor things, and I’m done with the bloody thing!  I’ll be looking for some beta readers this month, so if anyone’s reading this, hit me up here if you’re interested in getting your hands on a preview copy of next year’s Hot Book.  (Ahem.)

I would give you my Top 10 Books of 2014, but again, I didn’t read ten new books this year!  I did read a fair bit, though.  Here’s the six new tomes I did read this year:  Stephen King, Mr. Mercedes and Revival; Alison Littlewood, The Unquiet House; Nick Cutter, The Troop; Dennis Lehane, The Drop; and Christos Tsiolkas, Merciless Gods.  I did read a number of other books that rather impressed me, but I won’t bore you by listing them all here.  Here’s three off the top of my head:  Walking The Tree by Kaaron Warren, Loss Of Separation by Conrad Williams and Night Film by Marisha Pessl.

Oh, and here’s a pic of me at Allayne Webster’s “How To Get Published” seminar at the SA Writers Centre in the beginning of December:


That’s me peeking over her shoulder.

Well, I hope you have a great start to the year, and I look forward to blathering at you again real soon.

– MxRxDx


2 thoughts on “All Is Quiet On New Year’s Day

  1. Awesome work! Best wishes for 2015, may it be a productive and inspiring one for you.

    Best book I read this year was Joyce Carol Oates’ ‘I Lock My Doors Upon Myself’. I also read David Mitchell’s ‘Ghostwritten’ which I think you would love. I’d been meaning to read more of his work, as ‘Cloud Atlas’ is one of my favourite books, and finally got round to it. ‘Ghostwritten’ is as good I think and I’d definitely recommend it to you. Also, if you haven’t read any Angela Carter yet, ‘The Passion of New Eve’ is one I think you’d like.

    I’d love to pre-read your new book for you too when it’s finished!



  2. Happy New Year!!!! Finally got around to reading my emails and spotted that you wanted people to pre-read your new book!!!
    You know me, I would love too!!
    hope to hear from you soon x


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