Vote for “The Feast Of Days”!


22 More Quick Shivers is now available from The Daily Nightmare. It’s a collection of 100-word stories based on real nightmares posted on their site, with each tale laid out in an interesting graphic-design kind of way, and my offering “Tornado Girl” is the first cab off the rank! You can order the softcover version here, and the PDF version here. It’s neat to be published alongside Richard Thomas, whose many columns for have helped me to waste hours I should have spent writing…

Also, my story “The Feast Of Days” has made the Top 5 Destruction stories in the Horror Novel Reviews contest Horror: Told In 100 Words! Follow this link to read the story and vote for your favourites. (Cough. Might I make a suggestion…?) At the moment, the story is missing its final line, but you’ll get the idea.

So there’s some news. I have been working on fiction that’s longer than 100 words; I’m still plugging away at the final draft of my latest novel manuscript. Other than that, writing has been taking a back seat of late, as I struggle to finish the overdue soundtrack for Jon Hoh’s short film. At least I’ve learned something: as of next year, I’ll be changing the way I go about things in Fictionland, and I’m going to try not to bite off massive chunks of other stuff that takes too long to chew. That said, I’ll soon be recording the bass tracks for both the new Priority Orange EP and a song by Across The Maelstrom, because learning is a slow process.

That’s all I have time for right now, so, you know… bye and stuff.

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