Big Beats, Zombie Gods and How To Spread Yourself Thin


So, since we last spoke (?):

“Big Beats” has been accepted into Rejected For Content 2, coming soon from J. Ellington Ashton Press. It’s a tale I’ve always wanted to see in print (well, duh, but more so than most), but three other publishers turned it down – not sure if this was because of the icky bits that make this story one of the harder-edged tales in my canon. Fun anecdote: back in the days when I used to print out hard copies and make up little DIY collections for people to read – yes, it’s that old – I always used to put this story first; I figured if they could make it through that, they’d be fine for the rest! It’s not exactly splatterpunk, but it’s as close as I tend to get to that style.

“We Fight (Like) Gods, We Die (Like) Dogs” has just been accepted into Zombies In Japan, despite that cumbersome title. Yeah, I know, zombies again, blah blah – I’ve already had a whinge about their ubiquity and defended myself for squeezing out another story featuring them, so go look up that post if that’s what you want. Isn’t it interesting that these tales seem to get published so easily – almost as if the universe wants to unveil me as the hypocrite I am? Nah, it’s probably because there’s a huge market for that kind of thing. Never mind. At least this story is far from the madding crowd of usual zombie fiction… or rather, far from the moaning, shuffling, gut-munching crowd.

I’ve been busying myself lately by spreading my talents thinner than I ought to: not only have I been cutting together semi-pro videos of my band icecocoon playing live in rehearsal, returning to the editing suite for the first time in four years, but I’ve also been working on the soundtrack for The Exchange Student 2. (Of course, a lot of that time was actually spent pulling my hair out over technical difficulties and watching deadlines loom as my stomach pickled in dread.) I’ve also been postering for a Devin Townsend guitar clinic in exchange for a VIP pass. So I’ve been neglecting my writerly duties for the most part, though I have been working on the fourth (!) draft of my latest novel manuscript. Deep breath – I still love it. So close now…

That’s probably about it as far as interesting stuff goes. Here’s a brief list of things that have been distracting/inspiring me: Syro by Aphex Twin, Fun Lovin’ Criminals, El Dorado by Dorothy Porter (absolutely going to write a verse novel one of these days), The Drop by Dennis Lehane, Adios, Puta Madres! by Ministry, beer, Mistification by Kaaron Warren, Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales by William Burroughs, a girl called Jessica… oh, forget it, I could just keep going on about stuff forever.

Keep it real, my friends. Which may sound weird coming from a fiction author, but never mind. You get the gist.

– M x

PS. Oh, and my band Blood Red Renaissance is coming out of hibernation to play a Halloween house party for shits and giggles. It’s all going on over here.


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