“Once he thinks he’s a poet, there’ll be no shutting him up.”

Well, I’m having to rewrite a post that just vanished into the void, so I’ll keep this brief in case it happens again!

Just found out that some of my poetry is appearing in Passages Of Pain, Lyrics Of Loss, an e-book coming soon from Horror Novel Reviews. I found out by seeing my name on the cover! A first in two ways, that. Here it is:

From horrornovelreviews.com

From horrornovelreviews.com

Also, the lovely Hellnotes will be posting my micro-flash “Player Two” on the site next week – that’s 11/2 (or rather, 2/11) in the US, and 12/2 Down Below. Because we’re from The Future.

Links to follow!

Oh, and I’ve been working on two novellas, a clutch of short stories, and a novel. (Largely editing, I admit, though in a very involved fashion.) More submissions are now wending their merry way to the other side of the world. And I’m shaping a killer idea for an exploitation-vibe novella contest that is ridiculously exciting – so much so that I can’t even tell you the title just yet.

Said contest has asked if it can post some of my music to help inspire writers! Multi-media shenanigans are definitely the theme of the week, as tomorrow night I’m attending the premiere of a short film that features snippets of three Blood Red Renaissance songs. (That’s one of my bands. Catch up.) The film is called Builders Of The Apocalypse and it’s by a few pals I made at my MAPS film course the other year. (I also lent them my talents as an extra, but if the last edit I saw is any indication, my unique walking-by-in-the-background stylings have hit the cutting room floor.)

This week’s soundtrack: Blood Duster, Morbid Angel, Acid Bath, Carcass, Down, Crowbar, and The Dresden Dolls.

Back with linky goodness v. soon!
= MRD x


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